10 Best Finger Food Companies in Melbourne (With Photos & Prices) - Catering Australia (2023)

Tally Ho Catering

10 Best Finger Food Companies in Melbourne (With Photos & Prices) - Catering Australia (1)

MENUS: finger food, breakfast items, hot meals, Salads, Platters, Drinks

EVENTS THEY CATER: Finger food catering, private event catering, home-delivered meals, corporate catering, party food, Sandwich platters

AREA THEY SERVE Melbourne- All suburbs.


Contact Details

Address: Burwood East, Victoria, Australia

Tel: 03 9762 6465


CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking

10 Best Finger Food Companies in Melbourne (With Photos & Prices) - Catering Australia (2)

MENUS: Finger Food, tapas and canapes, drinks

EVENTS THEY CATER: Finger food catering, Cocktail party, Gourmet finger food, Event Catering , Corporate Catering, Wedding catering, Tapas catering




Contact Details

Address: Melbourne VIC, Australia

Tel: 0432695294




10 Best Finger Food Companies in Melbourne (With Photos & Prices) - Catering Australia (3)

MENUS: Platters, Finger Food, Breakfast Catering, Morning Tea, Lunch Catering

EVENTS THEY CATER: Corporate Events

AREA THEY SERVE: Within 1km of the restaurant


Contact Details

(Video) Catering Companies Melbourne: Four Questions to Always Ask a Caterer Before Hiring

Address: Shop 38-41 Collins Place, 45 Collins St Melbourne

Tel: 03 9654 3670



Select One Catering

10 Best Finger Food Companies in Melbourne (With Photos & Prices) - Catering Australia (4)

They use special transport containers to enable food to stay at the optimum temperature during transportation and therefore ensuring that safe hygiene is adhered to at all times.

MENUS: Breakfast menu, Finger Food, Sandwich Platter, Buffet Menus

EVENTS THEY CATER: Corporate, Weddings, Christmas, Party Hire, BBQ catering, Birthday Parties

AREA THEY SERVE: Melbourne Area

EXPERIENCE: 27 years

VENUES PARTNERS: Ace Kart Melbourne


Contact Details

Address16A Loop Road, Werribee VIC 3030

Tel: 03 9742 2055



G’Day Chef

10 Best Finger Food Companies in Melbourne (With Photos & Prices) - Catering Australia (5)

MENUS: Raw Tuna, Spices, Roasted Sesame, Wakame & Shiso Salad, Tamari Seeds, Smoked Duck Breast, Cherry Sauce, Crisp Bread, Red Radish Salad, Pressed Meat Terrine, Onion Jam, Brioche, Mustard Herbs

EVENTS THEY CATER: Shared, Buffet and Grazing, Cocktail, Finger Food


Contact Details

Address: Chadstone, Melbourne

Tel:+61 3 97937699




10 Best Finger Food Companies in Melbourne (With Photos & Prices) - Catering Australia (6)

(Video) How to Start A Meal Prep Business | inside scoop of a commercial kitchen

Their team of dedicated catering companies has everything from the staples cost-effective gourmet pies and sausage rolls, through to more elegant tartlets, salmon blini’s, nori rolls, arancini and much more

MENU: office snacks, office milk, working lunch, finger food

EVENTS THEY CATER: Corporate catering, casual canape, Cocktail, Grazing Table, Themed Events

AREA THEY SERVE: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra


Contact Details

Tel: +61 1300 101 718


Mr. Finger Food

10 Best Finger Food Companies in Melbourne (With Photos & Prices) - Catering Australia (7)

MENUS:Finger food, Hot platters, boxed lunches, office catering, gluten-free items

EVENTS THEY CATER: Wedding, Breakfast, BBQ, Spit Roast, Funeral Catering

AREA THEY SERVE: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra


A Perfect Party

10 Best Finger Food Companies in Melbourne (With Photos & Prices) - Catering Australia (8)

MENUS: Sandwiches, Cold Platters, Baguettes, Mixed Selection Sushi Platter, Sweet Platters


AREA THEY SERVE: all areas in the Northern & Western suburbs


Contact Details

Address: Pascoe Vale Melbourne 3044 Victoria Australia 3042 Australia

Tel : +61 434 352 301

(Video) Top 3 Trendy Food Pitches | Shark Tank AUS


Seven Stars Catering

10 Best Finger Food Companies in Melbourne (With Photos & Prices) - Catering Australia (9)

MENU: Corporate Catering, Events, Christmas, Private Gathering


AREA THEY SERVE North West Melbourne, Airport west, Greenvale, Campbellfield, Broadmeadows, Westmeadows, Attwood, Gladstone Park,andTullamarineareas.

Contact Details

Address: 475 Mickleham Rd, Attwood VIC 3049, Australia

Tel: +61 449 219 323



Finger Food Fanatics

10 Best Finger Food Companies in Melbourne (With Photos & Prices) - Catering Australia (10)

MENUS: Sushi rolls, Burgers and Sandwiches, Savoury rolls and delights, Chicken, beef, smoked salmon and lamb skewers, Salads and Platters

EVENTS THEY CATER: Birthday Parties, Cocktail Parties, Corporate Catering, Private Party, Wedding Catering


EXPERIENCE: 35 years


9 central components while picking a catering organization for your event

Catering is a fundamental spot of any event, the one to which individuals overall gives most thought and rates the most raised. A fair catering organization will ensure that your guests eliminate extraordinary memories of the event, updating and uplifting the experience. In case the help is of a particular order, it may even be used as an impelling to go to the event.

In like way, contribute some energy picking the best catering organization for your event.

To help you, we offer this short manual for picking the right catering for every occasion:

1. Style of the event

2. Guests

3. Strong points

(Video) How Expensive is Melbourne? Guide to Costs | Australia Holiday Prices

4. On the spot kitchen

5. Preliminary

6. References

7. Sensibility

8. Choices rather than ordinary catering

9. Various tips

1. Style of event

Since a corporate event isn’t identical to a public one, also as formal wear isn’t comparable to support dress, etc

Your catering organization ought to be redone to the style of the event and shockingly the fundamental subject or thought. In the long run, it is one of the segments that go together to making up the experience, so if it mixes with the rest of the event it will help with achieving its goal.

Some catering organizations are more refined, while others are more reasonable. Obviously, this will be reflected in the monetary arrangement, so whether or not you will really need to offer more rich eatables will depend upon the sum you will spend.

2. Guests

Especially like the style of the event, the kind of guest ought to in like manner be contemplated: capable level, monetary level, region… This heap of nuances will help with describing the specific necessities of your guests and the sort of catering organization you need.

Clearly, think about numbers. Some catering firms have knowledge with greater get-togethers, while others can simply guarantee their best quality up to a particular number of guests.

3. Strengths

Take a gander at the qualities of each catering organization – you may require a particular style to arrange with the subject or thought of your event: Mexican, veggie darling, new produce, desserts.

The assistance you pick should similarly be prepared for offering dogmatism and sans allergen options.

In short: if you need a specific kind of food, endeavor to find a catering firm that has some mastery in that decision.

4. On the spot kitchen

Accepting what you need is quality, it is best that food be arranged close by, so it is organization recently prepared. This factor means a gigantic difference over pre-arranged food, in both taste and surface.

For this to be possible, your catering organization ought to have the right conditions wherein to work, with satisfactory space, a smoke outlet and force. In the event that yours is an external event, a catering tent may be the best decision.

5. Preliminary

Not endeavoring the menu before the event is a praiseworthy mix-up. A preliminary will allow you to pick dishes, make changes and even guideline out explicit decisions and supersede them with others.

6. References

References are reliably huge. Check which clients have used certain catering organizations (many catering firms will show them on their destinations) and search for good and adverse sentiments. Take the necessary steps not to be unnecessarily affected by either, yet us them as another factor to be contemplated preceding making your decision.

7. Legitimacy

In case your firm does a CSR system (and if you don’t, you should), you will be excited about a catering organization that can offer a strong, low-fat menu. In like manner, demand that they figure sums circumspectly, so the most un-possible goes to waste.

The strength of the food and the total going to waste are two of the segments pondered for an event to get a reasonability support.

8. Choices as opposed to standard catering

There are various options in contrast to traditional catering organizations, including food trucks, standard now for a long time. This decision has gotten extensively more refined and thought, to where it by and by offers a certified other choice. In any case, each food truck has its own solidarity, so they can’t offer as much combination.

9. Various tips

Various tips concerning picking a catering organization have to do with the sort of food to be served to suit the activities of the event. In the event that there will be studios or work gatherings where center is required, it is best not to serve an exorbitant measure of food and to structure the proposition around servings of blended greens and light dishes. On the other hand, in the event that there will be genuine exercise, more carbs may be required.

You will similarly need to tailor the amount of remain by staff to the kind of event. Work personally with your catering organization to develop the best number, tracking down some sort of concordance to ensure that guests are continually participate and that there are no inert staff.

(Video) Finest Catering Service in Australia

The equipping and clothing should similarly suit the subject of the event, to give more important capacity to the thought and a conclusive message.

Taking everything into account, pick the site for the bars carefully. Remember, people will amass there, so it is best not to have them unreasonably close to ways, washrooms or other trouble spots.


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