Can You Identify These NFL Team Logos? (2023)


Football in the United States has a long and varied history. In 1869, Rutgers and Princeton played the first-ever college football game. By 1893, the Pittsburgh Athletic Club signed one of its players to the first known pro football contract. The National Football League was formed in 1902 with only three teams.

Today, there are 32 teams in the NFL throughout 22 states, and each one has a unique logo. Whether you're an avid sports fan or an occasional football watcher, you might not be able to identify every NFL team logo without a little help. See how many of the logos listed here you can match to the correct teams.

Note: Some of the logos are slightly edited to hide identifying information.


[sm_quiz image="57854? question="What team's helmets bear this logo?" choice1="Carolina Panthers" choice2="Detroit Panthers" response="The Carolina Panthers, founded in 1993, call Charlotte, North Carolina home. The Panther logo has only had minor modifications during that time, making it more contemporary and three-dimensional in appearance." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="58642? question="This diamond logo once represented what team?" choice1="Boston Celtics" choice2="Cincinnati Celts" response="The Celts were a professional football team that only played a single season in the NFL. In 1921, they had one win and three losses." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="58509? question="What team featured this hulking player as a logo?" choice1="Pittsburgh Steelers" choice2="Houston Oilers" response="After the franchise moved to Tennessee, they became the Titans. However, the Oilers played in Houston, Texas from 1960 to 1996." correct="2? /]


[sm_quiz image="58643? question="Whose logo is depicted by this shield?" choice1="Denver Broncos" choice2="San Diego Chargers" response="In 1960, the Los Angeles Chargers joined the NFL. They moved to San Diego by 1961 and used this logo until 1973." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="57855? question="What team sports this logo?" choice1="Tampa Bay Lightning" choice2="Los Angeles Chargers" response="The Chargers were established in L.A. in 1959. The team moved to San Diego in 1961 and returned to Los Angeles in 2017. Their original logo featured a shield with a horse head and a lightning bolt. " correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="51436? question="Which team flies this flag?" choice1="Arizona Cardinals" choice2="St. Louis Cardinals" response="The NFL team is the oldest in existence and has been based in Chicago, St. Louis and, since 1988, Phoenix. Although the logo has undergone several changes over the decades, a form of the right-facing cardinal head has been used since 1970." correct="1? /]


[sm_quiz image="57857? question="What team's field has this logo?" choice1="Texas Longhorns" choice2="Houston Texans" response="The Houston Texans are the second franchise with roots in Houston. The team, whose logo is a Spanish fighting bull, emerged after the Oilers moved to Nashville." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="58077? question="What team once used this logo?" choice1="Cleveland Browns" choice2="Tennessee Volunteers" response="Brownie the Elf was the logo for the Browns from the 1940s until the 1960s. The simple orange helmet has represented the team since 1970. The team was reportedly named for its first head coach, Paul E. Brown." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="58078? question="What team once used this gunslinger as a logo?" choice1="Dallas Cowboys" choice2="San Francisco 49ers" response="Named for the prospectors who came for the Northern California Gold Rush in 1849, the team originally had a gun-toting miner as its logo. The 49ers were the first major league professional sports franchise based in San Francisco." correct="2? /]


[sm_quiz image="58090? question="What team once used this buckaroo in its logo?" choice1="Tampa Bay Buccaneers" choice2="Denver Broncos" response="When they formed in 1959, a fan who won a contest gave the Denver Broncos their name. Their original logo was a football player on a bucking horse." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="58094? question="What team showed off this running tiger for a brief period?" choice1="Detroit Tigers" choice2="Cincinnati Bengals" response="Technically, the logo is now an uppercase letter B filled with the tiger pattern. But the original logo featured a tiger running with a football." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="57867? question="What team does this logo represent?" choice1="Detroit Lions" choice2="Buffalo Sabres" response="This team's logo has always featured a lion although, initially, there was a football player alongside him. The Lions were originally named in a nod to the Detroit Tigers back in 1934." correct="1? /]


[sm_quiz image="57865? question="What team does this letter logo stand for?" choice1="Arizona Cardinals" choice2="Chicago Bears" response="Staley Da Bear is the mascot of the team. However, their logo is a simple letter C." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="57866? question="What team has this fierce bird for a logo?" choice1="Philadelphia Eagles" choice2="Seattle Seahawks" response="After more than 20,000 names were submitted by the public, the Seattle team selected Seahawk as its moniker in 1975. The real name for a seahawk is an osprey, which is neither a hawk nor an eagle." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="58095? question="What team once featured this scene in a logo?" choice1="Buffalo Bills" choice2=" New York Giants" response="The Bills' name was selected in a contest that offered a $500 prize for the winning entry. It came from the Pony Express rider of the same name." correct="1? /]


[sm_quiz image="58097? question="What team features this American symbol as its logo?" choice1="Philadelphia Eagles" choice2="New England Patriots" response="When investors purchased the bankrupt Frankford Yellow Jackets in the 1930s, they gave the team a symbolic American name. The patriotic bird is an appropriate logo." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="57872? question="What team logo is emblazoned with the letters KC?" choice1="Kansas City Royals" choice2="Kansas City Chiefs" response="The Chiefs own the arrowhead logo. Earlier in their history, the team used an image of a Native American man running with a tomahawk." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="57873? question="What team's logo inspired this tattoo?" choice1="Los Angeles Rams" choice2="Nevada Bighorns" response="Founded in 1937 as the Cleveland Rams, the team became the Los Angeles Rams when they moved to California in 1946. They have always used a version of ram horns in the logo." correct="1? /]


[sm_quiz image="57874? question="Which team's logo adorns this banner?" choice1="Texas Rangers" choice2="Tennessee Titans" response="The Houston Oilers moved to Nashville in 1997. Known for two years as the Tennessee Oilers, they changed their name to the Titans in 1999." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="57875? question="Do you know whose home field this is by the logo?" choice1="Atlanta Falcons" choice2="Baltimore Ravens" response="The Falcons joined the NFL in 1965. The team's logo has been a right-facing falcon since that time, although it was redesigned as a more powerful-looking, F-shaped bird in 2003." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="57877? question="What team has this iconic logo?" choice1="New Orleans Saints" choice2="New York Jets" response="Some version of the fleur-de-lis has been the Saints' logo since the team's inception in 1966. The classic French symbol has long been part of New Orleans' culture." correct="1? /]


[sm_quiz image="58079? question="What team once used this equine logo?" choice1="Dallas Cowboys" choice2="Indianapolis Colts" response="The Baltimore Colts began playing in Maryland in 1953 using this logo. The team relocated to Indianapolis following the 1983 season." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="57881? question="What team has this feral feline for a logo?" choice1="Jacksonville Jaguars" choice2="Arizona Wildcats" response="In 1993, the Jaguars became the 30th team in the NFL. Fans voted on the name and apparently loved the alliteration of the Jacksonville Jaguars." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="57882? question="A bird is the basis of this logo for what team?" choice1="Baltimore Orioles" choice2="Baltimore Ravens" response="The Ravens joined the NFL in 1996. After the Indianapolis Colts (formerly the Baltimore Colts) refused to let them use the Colts name, the franchise settled on the Ravens." correct="2? /]


[sm_quiz image="58098? question="To which team did this swarthy logo once belong?" choice1="Pittsburgh Pirates" choice2="Tampa Bay Buccaneers" response="The Buccaneers were named the NFL's 27th franchise in 1974. They made their first kickoff in 1976." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="57884? question="What team wears this distinctive logo?" choice1="Washington Redskins" choice2="Cleveland Indians" response="Originally the Boston Braves, the team became the Boston Redskins. After moving to Washington, D.C., the team changed again. The name and logo of this team has long been controversial." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="57885? question="Do you know what team has these letters for a logo?" choice1="New York Giants" choice2="New York Jets" response="The Giants have been playing football since 1925. Their logo evolved from a giant player standing over a skyline to the two-lettered image of today." correct="1? /]


[sm_quiz image="58101? question="What team's logo once featured this hard-working kicker?" choice1="Pittsburgh Steelers" choice2="Green Bay Packers" response="Founded in 1933, the team was originally known as the Pirates. They were renamed the Steelers to honor the city's industrious nature." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="58511? question="What team displayed this cannon and shield logo for a brief period?" choice1="St. Louis Gunners" choice2="New England Patriots" response="When the Cincinnati Reds were suspended from the NFL, the Gunners replaced them on the league schedule. The St. Louis Gunners played the last three games of the 1934 National Football League season." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="58645? question="A U.S. president owned this NFL hopeful team. What was the name?" choice1="New Jersey Generals" choice2="New York Stars" response="Established in 1983, the Generals played for the United States Football League. After Donald Trump bought the team in 1984, they unsuccessfully attempted to join the NFL." correct="1? /]


[sm_quiz image="58568? question="This pooch was once the logo for what team?" choice1="Cleveland Reds" choice2="Canton Bulldogs" response="Based in Canton, Ohio, the Canton Bulldogs joined the newly created National Football League in 1920. After winning championships in 1922 and 1923, the team disbanded at the end of the 1926 season." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="58607? question="What team used this logo in the 1960s?" choice1="Denver Broncos" choice2="Dallas Cowboys" response="The Cowboys began playing in 1960 and had a winless first year. They have since gone on to win five Super Bowl championships." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="58612? question="This fierce cat was the logo for what team?" choice1="Brooklyn Tigers" choice2="Cincinnati Bengals" response="From 1930 to 1943, the Brooklyn Dodgers played in the NFL. In 1944, they became the Brooklyn Tigers and then merged with the Boston Yanks in 1945." correct="1? /]


[sm_quiz image="58614? question="What team once sported this (slightly edited) logo?" choice1="Boston Yanks" choice2="Green Bay Packers" response="During WWII, the Boston Yanks temporarily merged with the Brooklyn Tigers for the 1945 season. They were simply called the Yanks, with no home city named." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="58635? question="What Ohio team once used this logo?" choice1="Dayton Triangles" choice2="Columbus Panhandles" response="One of the 13 original teams in the NFL, the Triangles played the very first game in the league. On Oct. 3, 1920, the Triangles played and beat the Columbus Panhandles." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="58613? question="This bison was part of what team's logo?" choice1="Buffalo Bills" choice2="Tonawanda Kardex" response="Tonawanda is a town north of Buffalo, New York, where American Kardex was founded. The team played (and lost) one NFL game in 1921, and that was it, making them the shortest-lived team in NFL history." correct="2? /]


[sm_quiz image="58615? question="What does the T stand for in this logo?" choice1="Toledo Maroons" choice2="Tennessee Titans" response="Although we're not sure where the team got its name, the Maroons represented Toledo, Ohio in the NFL. The team only played during the 1922 and 1923 seasons." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="58637? question="What team had this big blue football player as a logo?" choice1="New York Giants" choice2="San Francisco 49ers" response="From 1956 to 1960, the Giants' logo featured a player throwing a ball. His backdrop is Yankee Stadium." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="58621? question="What team proudly wore this red logo?" choice1="Washington Redskins" choice2="Racine Legion" response="Based in Racine, Wisconsin, the Racine Legion played in the NFL from 1922 to 1924. In 1926, the team played once more as the Racine Tornadoes." correct="2? /]


[sm_quiz image="58626? question="What team once used this unique logo?" choice1="Cleveland Browns" choice2="Providence Steam Roller" response="Providence Steam Roller played in the NFL from 1925 to 1931. The Rhode Island team played in the Cycledrome, a 10,000-seat stadium meant for bicycle racing." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="58629? question="Can you name the team that wore this logo?" choice1="Oorang Indians" choice2="Fighting Phi" response="Walter Lingo, owner of the Oorang Dog Kennels in LaRue, Ohio, bought a football team to promote his dog-breeding business. Lingo only hired people of Native American descent to play on the team, which was in the NFL from 1922 to 1923." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="58631? question="This pirate was the logo of what team?" choice1="Los Angeles Buccaneers" choice2="Tampa Bay Buccaneers" response="Although the name included Los Angeles, this team was operated out of Chicago. The LA Buccaneers were founded in 1926 and folded in 1927." correct="1? /]


[sm_quiz image="58633? question="This arrow found its target for what team?" choice1="Washington Redskins" choice2="Kansas City Chiefs" response="The Redskins wore helmets with feathered arrows from 1965 to 1969. By 1970, it was changed to a letter R." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="58638? question="What team used this helmet logo for a single season?" choice1="New England Patriots" choice2="Minnesota Vikings" response="In 1960, the Patriots used a blue tricorn hat as their logo. The Revolutionary War minuteman came along the following season." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="58640? question="What did the bridge and riders in this logo depict?" choice1="Brooklyn Horsemen" choice2="Golden Gate Knights" response="In 1926, a team called the Brooklyn Lions joined the NFL. After merging with another Brooklyn team later that year, they became the Horsemen, only playing a single season." correct="1? /]


[sm_quiz image="58648? question="What defunct team was represented by this vivid logo?" choice1="Phoenix Heat" choice2="Columbus Panhandles" response="This team was founded in 1901 by workers at the Panhandle shops of the Pennsylvania Railroads. They played in the NFL from 1920 to 1926." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="58644? question="What was the name of this team that almost made the NFL?" choice1="Cleveland Bears" choice2="Memphis Southmen" response="Popularly referred to as the Grizzlies, the Southmen played in the World Football League from 1974 to 1975. After applying as an NFL expansion team and raising funds, they were disappointed to learn they were refused." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="58647? question="This simple logo represented what team in the 1920s?" choice1="Buffalo Bills" choice2="Buffalo Bisons" response="Originally known as the Buffalo All-Americans, the team became the Bisons in 1924. They briefly became the Rangers in 1926 and folded in 1929." correct="1? /]

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