The 4 Best Lunch Boxes for Kids (2023)

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Best Overall Kids Lunch Box

LunchBots Bento Cinco



  • Ease of Use3.0

  • Ease of Cleaning10.0

  • Eco-Health10.0

Leak-proof: No | Size: 8.2" x 6.2" x 1.75"






Not insulated

Launching the LunchBots Bento Cinco to an overall winning spot in our review is its eco-healthy makeup and quick cleanup; toss it into the dishwasher worry-free. Made of 18/8 stainless steel, this contender is downright sturdy and will likely last years. Plus, LunchBots offers a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer's defects. There are various lunch box sizes available to suit your needs, but we tested the LunchBots Cinco with five compartments and decent-sized portions to satisfy the hunger of tots to younger children. The manufacturer states it is free of toxins and chemical linings. Typically, stainless steel is heavier than plastic; however, this option (weighing .92 lb. empty) is less than some plastic options in our lineup, making it a nice compromise between a healthier material and weight.

Unfortunately, no product in our lineup is perfect across all metrics, and LunchBots is no exception. We value insulation and protection against leaks; however, this option lacks those design features. You can get around the lack of insulation by using an insulated lunch bag with an ice pack; however, not being leak-proof dramatically influences what you pack, which will likely need to be dry foods. Also, this contender's price is high, but considering its eco-healthy material, construction, and longevity, we think it is worth the investment. We've used LunchBots with our own families and highly recommend this solid lunch box to family and friends.

The 4 Best Lunch Boxes for Kids (3)

Best Budget-Friendly Option

Rubbermaid LunchBlox

The 4 Best Lunch Boxes for Kids (4)

The 4 Best Lunch Boxes for Kids (5)

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

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Leak-proof: Yes | Size: 5.5" x 4.7" x 5" (stacked)


Inexpensive containers w/ ice pack




No insulation

Check out the Rubbermaid LunchBlox if you're looking for the best deal. This affordable set of stackable containers is handy; plus, an ice pack is included, making this kit ready for the back-to-school season. We greatly appreciate the leak-proof containers and their versatility as a food storage solution beyond school lunches. Oh, not to forget, these containers are dishwasher safe, too.

You'll need an insulated lunch bag to place the containers and ice pack inside if you're sending perishable food items in your kid's lunch. Despite being dishwasher-safe, according to the manufacturer, we suggest handwashing any plastic containers, given the potential concerns about plastic leaching chemicals. It will also help prolong the product's longevity. Nonetheless, this option brings versatility to kids' lunch boxes, and we recommend it to anyone who wants multiple reusable containers to pack lunches. The new version of these "blox" now includes larger sizes which is a welcome departure from the wall sizes that might have been too small for older kids.

The 4 Best Lunch Boxes for Kids (6)

Best for Generous Size

Bentgo Deluxe Lunch Bag



  • Ease of Use7.0

  • Ease of Cleaning2.0

  • Eco-Health5.0

Leak-proof: No | Size: 10" x 7" x 7"

With design features we admire, including its generous size, is the Bentgo Deluxe Lunch Bag, making this option a possible fit if you're packing lunch for a growing child or teenager. It's super easy to open and close, wipe clean, and thanks to the bag's liner (food-safe PEVA thermal insulation), it shines at keeping items chilled when you add an ice pack. The outside pocket offers additional storage, and there's an interior mesh pocket in the bag's 'upper deck' for lighter snacks and items. In addition to the bag's carry handle is a removable and adjustable shoulder strap, a perk that may appeal to older children.

The bag itself is not leak-proof, and, let's face it, messes are undesirable. Therefore, we suggest using leak-proof lunch boxes, water bottles, or containers when packing. Nevertheless, we think this bag is an all-star option and recommend it to families who seek insulation and high capacity, especially when striving to pack enough food to satisfy an older child's hunger.

Best Lunch Box with Built-In Cooler

PackIt Freezable Classic Lunch Box




  • Ease of Use6.0

  • Ease of Cleaning2.0

  • Eco-Health5.0

Leak-proof: No | Size: 10" x 8" x 4"


Freezable gell walls

Liner easy to wipe clean




The PackIt Freezable Classic Lunch Box offers a built-in ice pack unique feature. With insulated, re-freezable gel walls, you don't have to worry about your child accidentally tossing the ice pack when dumping wrappers in the trash. It collapses into a sleek profile when empty, expanding to hold all your child's favorite foods. Place it in the freezer at night, and it is ready to go by morning. The lunch box is made of food-safe and non-toxic canvas on the exterior and a water-resistant liner inside. It features a non-insulated zipper pocket on the outside for small items, and the easy-to-carry handle has a buckle so that you can attach it to a backpack. With many eye-catchy designs available, one to suit your child's personality.

The PackIt is heavier than other insulated lunch bags in our review (weighs 1.47 lbs empty), so this might not be a good fit if weight is an issue. Nonetheless, we've enjoyed this option with our own families and think it streamlines the lunch packing process with its handy built-in ice pack design.

Tip: Is your child heading off to Kindergarten? Practice eating a school lunch. Set a timer and make sure your child can open and close everything you send along with them. Also, discuss what to do with trash. Since school and lunchtime will be a new experience for your child, this exercise can help them feel prepared.

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Why You Should Trust Us

We completed market research and purchased each product to conduct extensive, side-by-side testing for our review. We believe the best products should be easy to use, easy to clean, and include eco-healthy materials. These metrics were the framework of our testing, and each product's score in these individual metrics contributed to the product's overall score and ranking in the competition and influenced our award inner picks. To simulate real-world experiences, we packed lots of lunches and snacks and traveled with these options. Also influencing our evaluations include user feedback and observations of kid testers using the kids' lunch boxes.

Over the past decade, BabyGearLab has tested various baby-related gear and created thorough reviews for our readers. Leading this review is Molly Bradac, Senior Review Editor and nanny with over 15 years of experience. Drawing from her experience, including countless days of packing lunches and snacks for outdoor adventures, Molly can provide recommendations for your family and needs.

The 4 Best Lunch Boxes for Kids (27)
The 4 Best Lunch Boxes for Kids (28)

Analysis and Test Results

FInding a functional and fun lunch box for little ones doesn't have to be a headache. We've tested several options so you can find something parent and child approved for busy days on the go and at school. We evaluated each kid's lunch box for ease of use, cleaning, and materials.


If you don't mind plastic, the Rubbermaid LunchBlox set is hands down the best bang for your buck. This set includes leak-proof containers and an ice pack, which no other contender offers. At an affordable price, this option will kick off your lunch box arsenal, and it provides versatility beyond your kid's lunches. But, if material matters to you and your budget can stretch, we think the LunchBots is worth consideration. This stainless steel option offers durability, quality, and longevity; plus, it's super easy to wash; in our opinion, this factor alone is worth its weight in gold. Although this option is costly, we think it's worth the investment.

The 4 Best Lunch Boxes for Kids (29)

Ease of Use

When it comes to kids' lunch boxes, they should be easy to use. Plain and simple. However, we soon realized many features collectively form a highly functional kids' lunch box, such as thoughtful organization, decent capacity, leak-proof protection, insulation, versatility, and level of ease to open and close. Unfortunately, not one product in our lineup was a slam dunk, offering every feature, and this is somewhat a result of comparing products that vary in design intentions. But, we did score the lineup to see who has the most.

The Bentgo Deluxe Lunch Bag ranks high in this metric with many convenient features, scoring 7 of 10. This insulated lunch bag offers generous capacity and versatility. The design includes organization, such as an exterior pocket for smaller items, like napkins and utensils, and an interior mesh pocket in the bag's 'upper deck' for lighter snacks. The lunch bag is super easy to open and close, and besides the carry handle, it has a removable and adjustable shoulder strap. The bag isn't leak-proof; however, most lunch bags do not offer this feature, so this isn't an issue unique to this product. Therefore, we suggest packing wisely with leak-proof lunch boxes, water bottles, or containers to reduce the potential for leaks.

The 4 Best Lunch Boxes for Kids (30)

Scoring 2 of 10 is the Skip Hop Zoo Stainless Steel Lunch Kit, causing it to rank low in this metric. Compared to the competition, this option doesn't offer valuable features. The small box holds 8 oz, and the larger container holds 12 oz. However, this lunch kit will likely not satisfy a growing child's hunger. Instead, we believe this snack-sized set is more suitable to complement your child's lunch.

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The 4 Best Lunch Boxes for Kids (31)

The Amersun Kids Lunch Box is the only contender with a side mesh pocket, and we imagined transporting a kids' water bottle, like the CamelBak eddy Kids in this pocket. However, we discovered that this pocket is too small and doesn't stretch to accommodate any water bottle. It's more suitable for flexible items, like a packet of nuts, a granola bar, etc. Also, the zipper on the Amersun has a squared-off design, which causes it to get stuck at an angle, requiring some fiddling to fix. There is no doubt that this stylish bag is eye-catchy and will transport food, but we think it isn't awe-inspiring and believe other contenders in our lineup perform better.

The 4 Best Lunch Boxes for Kids (32)
The 4 Best Lunch Boxes for Kids (33)

Leak-proof Capabilities

To test and evaluate a kids' lunch box's leak-proof ability, we poured water into each, closed them up, and shook them around (similar to what a kids' lunch box might experience in a backpack). Any escaped water resulted in a failed performance, even a drop. Perhaps we have high expectations, but we believe a leak-proof design should be trustworthy because any mess is undesirable, especially if it occurs in your child's schoolbag with papers. The kids' lunch boxes that conquered this challenge include the Bentgo Kids Lunch Box, Kinsho 6 Compartment Bento Box, Rubbermaid LunchBlox, 3 Sprouts Bento Box, and Skip Hop Zoo Stainless Steel Lunch Kit. Although a leak-proof design is not always a must, it does provide the opportunity to pack wet or dry foods.

Despite its leak-proof claims, the Omiebox didn't shine in this test as some liquid escaped the box when we tilted it on its side. We did push its tolerance and leak-proof ability by filling each compartment with a fair amount of water. However, we believe any amount of leakage concerns us because there is potential for mess, which may influence what you pack.

The 4 Best Lunch Boxes for Kids (34)

Utensils Included

A few contenders in our lineup include silverware, such as the Munchkin Lunch Bento Box and Kinsho. The Munchkin Lunch Bento Box offers stainless steel kid-friendly utensils, which conveniently snap onto the silicone lid; you can either stack the fork and spoon in one slot or separate them. The Kinsho has white plastic utensils. Remember that these utensils are easy to accidentally trash when tossing wrappers and leftover food. If this occurs, replacement silverware is available through the company.


What you pack your child for lunch may or may not need insulation and an ice pack. To test insulation, we placed a cold sealed yogurt cup and the same sized ice pack inside each fabric lunch bag, except for the PackIt as it has freezable walls, and took a temperature reading four hours later (about the time your child will begin eating their lunch). The lunch bags did not drastically differ in temperatures but varied by a few degrees. The Bentgo and PackIt had the lowest temperature readings. It is important to note that an ice pack's size influences temperature, so our results may differ from yours. But, we were satisfied with these contenders' results.

The 4 Best Lunch Boxes for Kids (35)

We were also curious about how well the thermos in the OmieBox Bento Box performs at keeping food warm, so we took a temperature reading of its content four hours later. Interestingly, it did not have a temperature reading that suggests warm food. In our opinion, we understand why this built-in thermos option is attractive, but considering its performance, we think you'll be happier with a different thermos set-up.

Friendly reminder: If you're keen on purchasing containers or a bento box with an insulated lunch bag, check and compare dimensions before purchasing.

The 4 Best Lunch Boxes for Kids (36)

Ease of Cleaning

Considering how frequently you will be washing your kid's lunch box to ensure it is ready for the following school day, we highly suggest a dishwasher-safe product to make this feat easier on you and your sanity.

Among the competition, the LunchBots Bento Cinco is an all-star, high-ranking contender, scoring 10 of 10. Honestly, it doesn't get much easier. Toss it into your dishwasher without fretting over high heat and potential warping.

According to the manufacturer, the Skip Hop Zoo Stainless Steel Lunch Kit is a dishwasher-safe stainless steel contender; it has adorable designs and might not last the test of time in the dishwasher. Therefore, we suggest handwashing this product or selecting a stainless steel option with no graphics, like the LunchBots Bento Cinco.

Ranking the lowest (scoring 2 of 10) are the fabric lunch boxes, such as the Amersun Kids Lunch Box, Bentgo Deluxe Lunch Box, and PackIt Freezable Classic Lunch Box. These options are not machine washable. Although they have easy-to-wipe clean interior liners, the task takes more effort than dishwasher-safe products, and they don't get as clean, allowing the potential for smells and stains to develop.

The 4 Best Lunch Boxes for Kids (37)

The manufacturer says the bottom is top-rack dishwasher safe for the Kinsho 6 Compartment Bento Box, but handwashing the lid is best to lengthen the leak-proof seal's lifespan. From user experience, we can confirm that the dishwasher's high heat can warp the box's cover if you don't follow these instructions. If you go with this option, please keep this in mind.

The 4 Best Lunch Boxes for Kids (38)


Like the healthy foods and snacks you pack in your child's lunch, we believe you should grant the same thoughtfulness and effort to the lunch box itself. Therefore, we considered the product's material with the Earth and health in mind for eco-health and noted any manufacturer's mention of free ofs.

The benefits of stainless steel may "steal" your heart away. This material is an excellent alternative to plastic, and it is considered non-toxic and healthier, which we think is essential as its holding your child's food that they will consume. Also, stainless steel has the potential to last longer than plastic. Therefore, contenders of this makeup rank the highest, including the Skip Hop Zoo Stainless Steel Lunch Kit and the LunchBots Bento Cinco.

However, plastic is not our preferred material choice, mainly due to the potential of chemicals leaching into food. It's also considered less durable, being more susceptible to scratching and staining than its stainless steel counterparts.

Tip: Let your kid help make lunches, it exercises their freedom in the kitchen, and they may discover excitement about food.

The 4 Best Lunch Boxes for Kids (39)



Gone are the days of brown paper bags. Today's selection of kids' lunch boxes is vast, with an option for almost any need. Depending on your child's age and lunch box needs (school, outdoor adventure, or a trip to the grandparents' house), we are confident there is a product for you in our review. You will soon be packing a well-balanced, appetite-satisfying lunch for your kiddo to enjoy.


Which lunch box is best for kids? ›

Best Kids' Lunch Boxes
  • JAYPEE Missteel Hello Kitty 1 Containers Lunch Box. 650 ml, Thermoware. 4.4. ...
  • cello Tiffy Gift Set Insulated Lunch Box & Water Bottle... 400 ml, Thermoware. 4.1. ...
  • Bestseller. Jaypee Plus Snapsteel 1 Containers Lunch Box. ...
  • Parteet Stainless Steel Insulated 2 Grid Lunch Box with... 710 ml, Thermoware.

Which brand lunch box is best? ›

List of the Top 10 Lunch Boxes for Office
  • Vaya Preserve Lunch Box.
  • Cello Max Fresh Click Lunch Box.
  • Oliveware Teso Lunch Box.
  • Borosil Insulated Lunch Box.
  • Signoraware Best Stainless Steel Lunch Box.
  • Jaypee Plus Stainless Steel Lunch Box.
  • Milton Futron Stainless Steel Electric Lunch Box.
  • Cutting EDGE Airtight Lunch Box.
23 Sept 2022

Which type of lunch box is good for health? ›

Healthy The Organic Lunch Boxes
  • Jaypee Plus TOONSTARS 1 Containers Lunch Box. 1050 ml, Thermoware. ₹688. ₹920. ...
  • CARLIBER ENTERPRISE DELUXE LUNCH BOX WITH CONTAINERS 5 ... 250 ml, Thermoware. ₹499. ₹999.
  • Bestseller. MILTON Executive 3 Containers Lunch Box. 1010 ml. 4.3. ...
  • SPEACK DIVINE LUCNH BOX 2 Containers Lunch Box. 400 ml. 4.2.

What is good kids lunch? ›

Healthy lunch ideas for kids & adults

Cherry tomatoes, fruit, hummus, pita, turkey and cheese roll ups, dark chocolate chips. Energy bites, cucumbers, carrots, crackers, cheese, strawberries. Not pictured: hummus cup on the side. Berries, broccoli, egg salad, radishes, ranch dressing, dark chocolate raisins.

Is stainless steel better than plastic lunch box? ›

Stainless steel lunch boxes are not only good for your health, but they are also environmentally friendly. It's a known fact that the use of plastics poses disastrous effects on the environment. As the material is not biodegradable, it may end up in oceans as microplastics, possibly endangering marine life.

Which lunch box is best steel or glass? ›

Unbreakable: Well, obviously, stainless-steel lunch boxes are more versatile and unbreakable. It is easy enough to break a glass lunch box though, and it can cause serious injury too. For this reason alone, it is best to choose a stainless-steel tiffin box.

What are 5 healthy standards for packed lunches? ›

Make sure your packed lunch contains:
  • 1) A portion of bread (or similar), rice, potatoes or pasta.
  • 2) Plenty of fruit and vegetables.
  • 3) A portion of dairy or a calcium rich alternative.
  • 4) Some protein in the form of beans, pulses, fish, egg, meat.
  • 5) A healthy drink.

Which lunch is most balanced? ›

15 easy, balanced lunch ideas
11 Oct 2018

How do I pack a healthy lunch for my child? ›

Vegetables: fresh, frozen, or baked (think kale chips!) Lean protein: baked chicken, deli meats, hard boiled eggs, beans or nuts (be aware of nut allergy regulations at your child's school). Low-fat dairy: milk, cheese or yogurt. Whole Grains: pita, sandwich bread, tortillas, wraps, and pastas.

What are healthy school lunches for kids? ›

For example: carrot coins or sticks, cucumber, broccoli, bell pepper strips, asparagus spears, summer squash ribbons, or grape tomatoes. Choose any 1 healthy protein. For example: Beans, edamame, nuts, seeds, peanut butter, hummus, veggie burger, roasted turkey or chicken slices, or a hardboiled egg.

What can I put in kids cold lunch? ›

Everything in This Slideshow
  1. 1 of 16. Pasta Salad with Black Beans & Avocado Dressing. ...
  2. Cucumber Turkey Sub Sandwich. ...
  3. Rainbow Veggie Wraps. ...
  4. Clean-Eating Bento Box Lunch. ...
  5. Cream Cheese & Veggie Roll-Up. ...
  6. Peanut Butter-Banana English Muffin. ...
  7. Avocado Ranch Chicken Salad. ...
  8. Chicken Avocado BLT Wrap.
18 May 2022

Are glass lunch boxes better? ›

Generally speaking though, glass food containers are better kept at home. However, when it comes to using glass containers or jars, an important point to be noted is how these jars could be fragile and need extra care while you use them or maintain them.

Which type of lunch box keeps food hot? ›

Double Wall Vaccum Insulated Lunch Box That Keeps Food Hot & Fresh Upto 8 Hrs.

Which metal is best for lunch box? ›

In addition, lunch boxes made of stainless steel are dishwasher-safe and therefore very easy to clean.

Why did they stop making metal lunch boxes? ›

Metal lunchboxes were banned in the early 1970s, as a result of a campaign of "concerned" Florida mothers against the steel lunchboxes. Children being children, were using the metal lunchboxes as a type of weapon, cases of permanent head injuries were being reported.

Is Tupperware or glass better? ›

Glass is cleaner than plastic. The nonporous surface of glass doesn't absorb food and germs (and smells). Glass can be safely washed at high temperatures in your dishwasher. You can use and reuse your glass containers again and again, which ends up saving you money.

What should you not put in a lunch box? ›

15 Items You Should Never Pack In Your Child's Lunch
  1. Fruit Snacks. Fruit snacks might have the word “fruit” in them, but they actually have very little nutritional value. ...
  2. Lunchables. ...
  3. Deli Meat Sandwiches. ...
  4. Potato Chips. ...
  5. Drink Pouches and Juice Boxes. ...
  6. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches. ...
  7. Energy Drinks. ...
  8. Soda.
8 Dec 2016

Are bamboo lunch boxes good? ›

Bamboo is an excellent material because it doesn't absorb any odors or flavors from what you put inside it, so if you want something that will help preserve the taste and smell of your favorite foods then this might be just what you need. A bamboo lunch box is a container that you can use to store food.

What is the number 1 popular food? ›

The Number 1 Most Popular Foods in America are Hamburgers!

What a healthy lunch looks like? ›

Balance your midday meal

100% whole grain bread. Fresh deli turkey or leftover grilled chicken. Plenty of veggies, such as spinach and other leafy greens, tomato, onion and sliced bell peppers. A few slices of avocado.

Is BoxLunch a good brand? ›

BoxLunch has a consumer rating of 2.63 stars from 19 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. BoxLunch ranks 51st among Food & Drink Other sites.

Which lunch box is best for microwave? ›

Best Microwave Safe Lunch Box & Tiffin Box For Office
  • SignoraWare Slim High Borosilicate. ...
  • Borosil Glass Lunch Box – 400ml – Round. ...
  • Signoraware Midday Square. ...
  • Borosil Glass Lunch Box – 370ml – Rectangular. ...
  • Signoraware Executive – 3 Pieces. ...
  • Treo by Milton Glass Tiffin, Set of 3. ...
  • Borosil Klip N Store, Set of 3.

Which plastic is best for lunch box? ›

Insulated plastic lunch boxes are very good at keeping your food warm.

Is Hot Topic A good brand? ›

Hot Topic's brand is ranked #277 in the list of Global Best Brands, a carefully curated list of recognized brands as rated by customers of Hot Topic. When compared to other organizations within the Retail industry, Hot Topic is ranked #49.

Is Hot Topic the same as BoxLunch? ›

The business was acquired by Hot Topic in 2016. The first BoxLunch stores and the Box-Lunch website were launched in 2015 after the company realized there was a gap in merchandising experiences for adult pop-culture consumers and their families. They are now more than 200 locations with plans for more.

Is BoxLunch owned by Hot Topic? ›

BoxLunch offers a curated selection of licensed apparel, accessories, collectibles, beauty, home goods and novelty merchandise from a variety of popular franchises. They are a subsidiary of Hot Topic. BoxLunch also donates one meal to Feeding America for every $10 spent in-store.

Which lunch box is leak proof? ›

MILTON Leak-proof Tiffin - Keep Food Hot for Hours 2 Containers Lunch Box (560 ml, Thermoware)

Is stainless steel lunch box safe? ›

Are stainless steel lunchboxes safe? Yes! We love stainless steel. You don't have to worry about stainless steel leaching bisphenols like BPA and BPS (this is a problem with many plastics) or shattering like you would with glass.

Is Electric lunch box healthy? ›

Because electricity is involved, these tiffin boxes are not safe for kids to use. In fact, like any other gadget, electric lunchboxes are not allowed in schools. When it comes to using an electric lunchbox, there is also the risk of getting a shock, burning of the fuse, and every chance of damage to the cord and plug.

Do stainless steel lunch boxes keep food cold? ›

Stainless is easy to love. It's eco-friendly and won't stain or leach anything into food. It can handle hot or cold, goes through the dishwasher, and is nearly indestructible (even for kids).

Which plastic quality is best? ›

3 types of plastic that are considered as safer options among the others are Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), High-Density Polyethylene (2-HDPE), and Polypropylene (5-PP).

Which grade plastic is best? ›

Top 5 FDA-approved food-grade plastics
  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) ABS is an amorphous plastic created by combining acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene polymers. ...
  • High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) ...
  • Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) ...
  • Acrylic (PMMA) ...
  • Polypropylene (PP) ...
  • Serving up food-grade plastics with Fast Radius.
23 Jun 2021

What is the safest food grade plastic? ›

While it's always important to follow specific guidelines related to food storage, temperature and recycling, the following plastics are generally very safe for food contact.
  • High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) ...
  • Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) ...
  • Polycarbonate (PC) ...
  • Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) ...
  • Polypropylene (PP)


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